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Renee Chartier- Twin Cities Artist

Renee Chartier

Renee Chartier Bio:
Background: Started painting with acrylics on canvas 4 years ago, first making pet portraits for family members then later painting wild animals and hanging them in cafes around Minneapolis. When enrolled at MCTC I took every fine arts class possible and loved every day of it. Since graduating with an Associates in Fine Arts I have continued to paint, leaving me with a surplus of original acrylic paintings, usually portraying an animal. I also do pet portraits and commission pieces.

Beliefs: Animals have always been an important part of my life, and I am aware they are in our lives everyday in the food we eat, clothes we wear and companions we keep. Animals have played critical roles in mans evolution, so we are undeniably drawn to them for protection, nourishment and love. I admire animals because they remind me life resides in many forms, and wildlife should be respected in all its forms. I pay my respects to the animals I enjoy by spending time painting them.

Influences: Charmaine Olivia, Charley Harper, Jackson Pollock, Vivian Maier, Kobra, Nicole Gustafsson, Emma Sancartier, McKenzie Fisk, Sara Syverhus, Sarah Thornton, as well as friends of mine that are fabulous artists as well.

All pieces are original and available!!!

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